Your group can arrange courses that:

  • Help practices achieve greater success in their journey to become “Superstar Teams”
  • Organize and hosts leading edge seminars on Implants, Esthetics, Technology, Business and all aspects of Dentistry
  • Facilitate “live patient hands-on courses”
  • Coordinate programs on leadership, effective practice management and marketing for practice growth, stability and enjoyment
  • Increase the strength of relationships between specialists and their referring dentists
  • Create more meaningful and effective partnerships between dentists and their artistic dental laboratories
11 Reasons Why
Who Rents TDLC?

11 Reasons Why

  • 1. Location

    Centrally located and easily accessible

  • 2. Well Equipped

    Well-equipped for hands-on purposes including air & water supply for hand piece use, 6 Dental Chairs and 15 Workstations

  • 3. Latest technology and AV support including

    • Ceiling-mounted high-resolution projectors on both levels.
    • Multiple large digital displays
    • Wireless lavaliere microphones
    • Wi-Fi and high speed internet access throughout the building
  • 4. Comfortable Environment

    Full climate control for a more relaxing learning experience.

  • 5. Media Services

    Photography and Video services available

  • 6. Customizable Group Space

    Customizable set-up specific to your learning group’s needs with separate food areas at each level

  • 7. Parking Availability

    Complimentary, generous parking seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

  • 8. Accommodations Nearby

    Multiple accommodations available in the near vicinity with the nearest only 100m away.

  • 9. Your Company Brand

    On-site corporate identity and branding – your company’s name will be visible and synonymous with the latest dental techniques, professional education and association with one of the best dental learning centres in North America.

  • 10. Flexible Scheduling

    Can be reserved for an evening, afternoon, day or the entire weekend.

  • 11. Frequency Rates

    It is also possible to arrange a series of dates throughout the year at a preferential rate.

Who Rents TDLC?

  • Dental dealers and manufacturers providing courses for dentists

  • Specialists for their referring dentists and their teams

  • Study clubs who want an extraordinary learning experience

  • Over-the-shoulder programs for smaller clinical groups

  • Dealers and manufacturers for internal industry training

  • Dental laboratories for their dentists and their teams

  • Creators of hands-on programs in esthetics, endodontics, and implants